Top 10 widely consumed drinks in the world.

Here you will discover the top 10 widely consumed drinks in the world. This list is based on the survey.

1. Tea

Tea is the first widely consumed beverage in the world. Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring boiling water over the leaves of Camellia sinensis. There are different types of tea like Darjeeling and Chinese greens have a slightly bitter, cooling, and astringent flavour.

2. Coffee

Coffee is a brewed beverage made from roasted coffee beans, which are the seeds fro the coffee plant. Coffee is consumed by over 85 percent of the adult. This survey is based on the national coffee association. And coffee is the second widely consumed drink.

3. Beer

Beer the third most consumed beverage after water and tea and probably it is one of the oldest alcoholic beverage. The process of making beer is called as brewing and the added ingredients for beer are water, Starch source, Hops, Yeast, Clarifying agent.

4. Soup

Soup is mostly made up of water and other ingredients like vegetables and meat.. There are chicken soup, beef soup, tomato soup, vegetable soup and other flavor soup. Nowadays, with all health issues regarding weight a lot of people have chosen a good soup over heavy meals. So it is the most consumed beverage, food when you are ill or probably on a diet.

5. Energy Drink

Energy drink is a type of beverage, containing psychoactive drugs, mostly caffeine. which is marketed as providing physical and mental strength. Energy drink typically contains carbonated water, a sweetener, and a natural or artificial flavoring. There are lots of negative reports about energy drinks. but many of the energy drink makers rubbished many of these claims and solidified the consumption of these beverages.

6. Vodka

Vodka is a type of beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol. There are different flavors of vodka such as apple and strawberry which has made the alcohol more favorable to younger drinkers. Vodka is considered as the dominant spirit of eastern Europe and in the united states it is a dominant white spirit.

7. Wine

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes. Wine comes in two types and two colors. Two types are alcoholic or non -alcoholic and two colors are Red and White. Different wines are consumed enormous worldwide every day. Every year an annual wine tasting event is celebrated where thousands of people come and sample various wines to test quality and taste.

8. Coca-Cola

Coca Cola offers hundreds of brands, including fruit juice, soft drinks, and other beverages. It is a carbonated soft drink sold in restaurant, stores and vending machines. 1.9 billion servings of Coca-Cola drink products sold every day.

9. Milk

The average American people drank 20.2 gallons of milk. Instead of soda they prefer milk. As the milk was often mentioned as the healthier alternative for school kids.

10. Orange Juice

Orange Juice can be simply made from the orange fruit.Orange Juice is rich in vitamin-C and it is consumed by million in gallons and it is the worlds number one Vitamin-C provider.

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